Double Down posts from February 2018

Feb 15, 2018 | Posted by By Susanne Forestieri

I have cancer. It’s a terrible way to learn how much you are loved. My family and friends rallied around me, and I found I was never alone. Flowers keep arriving at my door by messenger, and friends bring flowers from their gardens. One friend went beyond my expectations, bringing me healthy juices, flowers, and treats I probably shouldn’t be eating.  


I only met Yasmina Chavez two years ago when a mutual friend suggested we collaborate. A recent graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas art department, her work is conceptual, which means starting with an idea; I’m traditional, usually working from live models or photographs. I couldn’t see how we...

Feb 8, 2018 | Posted by By Autumn Harry

Indigenous Peoples are deeply connected to land, spiritually and inherently. Long before settlers arrived in the Americas, Indigenous Peoples lived freely throughout the land with uncontaminated waters, abundant wildlife, and plentiful resources, maintaining an optimal quality of life. Throughout the Great Basin, Indigenous Peoples continue as caretakers of the land while embracing traditional ways of living. 


For two Western Shoshone grandmothers, Mary and Carrie Dann, defending sacred lands and territories became a lifelong struggle. The Dann sisters fought many legal battles to reclaim their ancestral lands and rights guaranteed under the 1863 Treaty...