Nevada Humanities Grants

Apply for a grant and partner with us in our mission: Deadline March 10, 2017

Nevada Humanities gives grants to nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations and entities such as local and tribal governments, libraries, and educational institutions, to support humanities projects and programs that promote community through various forms of engagement. This may be through face-to-face dialogue, such as lectures, forums and round-table discussions, but also through programs that stimulate thought and reflection, such as media productions, film screenings, exhibitions, local history projects, and projects that explore local culture and Nevada’s diverse heritage and unique places.

Nevada Humanities grant application deadline is March 10, 2017, for projects taking place July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018. Mini-grant applications requesting $1,000 or less may be submitted at any time at least ten weeks prior to the proposed project date. Grant applications are submitted by email to grants[at]

The grant guidelines provide further information on the centrality of the humanities, eligibility requirements, ineligible expenses, the points to cover in the project narrative, completing the budget form, cost-sharing, and tips for success.

Nevada Humanities staff members are available to answer questions and to review draft proposals in our Las Vegas office at 702-800-4670.