Welcome to the ONE

By the staff of Nevada Humanities

Did you know that Nevada Humanities has an incredible reference tool that delves into Nevada culture, history, and heritage? Active since 2006, the Online Nevada Encyclopedia (ONE), is a free online resource that is available to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Silver State.

The ONE is a multimedia educational resource produced by Nevada Humanities that incorporates articles, images, and interactive media to explore the landscape, people, and events that have shaped the Silver State’s politics, economy, and culture. The ONE is Nevada’s primary online resource about the state’s history and contemporary culture. The ONE is widely used by Nevada educators in K‐12 classrooms to bring our history to young people, as well as by the general public. The search feature makes it easy to explore too.

What can you find on the ONE? Here are just a few examples:

● Stories of over 150 years of interactions between Nevada’s indigenous communities and non-natives.

● Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, started his writing career in Nevada.

● Thai immigrants settlement histories in Southern Nevada.

● Elvis sightings are still possible in Nevada thanks to Elvis Impersonators.


Every Wednesday watch the Nevada Humanities social media pages for ONE Wednesdays when Nevada Humanities highlights a nugget of Nevada culture from the ONE. Check out the ONE at onlinenevada.org. You won’t be disappointed and will learn something new about Nevada!