Duty War's Impact on Women and The Legend of 1000 Combat Paper Cranes

DJD Foundation is proud to present Duty War's Impact on Women and The Legend of 1000 Combat Paper Cranes, hosted by the American Legion Post #30 in Sparks, 730 4th Street, Sparks, NV 89431. This event is open to all, appropriate for mature audiences. You are encouraged to attend all three days. DJD Foundation is offering a commemorative gift for all who complete the three days.

Easily register here:
October 14, 6-9 pm
October 15, 6-9 pm
October 16, 6-9 pm

DJD Foundation is a proud awardee of National Endowment for the Humanities "Dialogues on Experience of War" grant program #nehgrants. We have used this opportunity to develop a community discussion program for Nevada communities that will addressing a range of topics including military service, experiences with war and physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual impacts on women, individuals, families and communities. Duty: War's Impact on Women is designed to encourage diverse voices and opinions from veterans, their family members, close friends and community members regarding issues veterans face as they return to civilian life, and conversely, issues military families, friends and communities face as they embrace reintegrating veterans.

The Legend of 1000 Combat Paper Cranes is derived from the Japanese legend of 1000 origami cranes: whosoever folds 1000 cranes experiences answer to prayer. Participate in the construction of 1000 origami combat paper cranes; combat paper is hand made paper, made from military uniforms.This meaningful activity will result public art that honors and commemorates experience with war and military service. Paired with Duty: War's Impact on Women, The Legend of 1000 Combat Paper Cranes offers a constructive and symbolic activity to complement the outcomes of the Dialogue on the Experience with War discussion program.

Trained discussion facilitators will lead question-based conversations to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions, using selected literature and humanities resources to initiate and guide discussions surrounding the theme of duty, homecoming, and reintegration. The selected literature includes Shadow Shapes, Journal of a Wounded Woman, by Elizabeth Shepley-Sergeant and I Am Still Standing-From Captive US Soldier to Free Citizen, My Journey Home, by Shoshana Johnson and Socrates Café, by Christopher Phillips.

Meet the Facilitators for the Sparks Event:

Anthony “Gene” Hughes is a professional artist living in Reno, Nevada. Gene served in the US Army and is passionate about working with veterans, helping them to express themselves through visual art. He currently teaches visual art to veterans for the Veterans Art Project, a collaboration between DJD Foundation and VA Sierra Nevada Health Care Systems. Gene wishes to continue to build art programming that shares the voices of veterans with the civilian community.

Amber Valencia served 8 years in the US Army, and was deployed twice to Afghanistan with Operation Enduring Freedom. “Being a female veteran impacted my life in all different ways, some good and some not so good, so I feel that it is important to share those experiences and how I moved forward to empower myself and others." Amber hopes to help the civilian community build stronger relationships with veterans; her vision is a strong, supportive, community shared by veterans and civilians. She believes that veterans belong in the communities they serve and protect. Amber Valencia lives in Dayton, Nevada. She is a wife and mother of three.

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