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Nevada Humanities provides opportunities for Nevadans to explore, experience, engage, and understand the world around them. We create programs and support projects that define the Nevada experience, feature local culture and heritage, and facilitate the investigation of ideas that matter to Nevadans and their communities.

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Transcribing Nevada
Written by: Nevada Humanities

Nevada Humanities presents the exhibition Transcribing Nevada, on view August 4 through September 28, 2016, at the Nevada Humanities Program Gallery, located at 1017 S. First Street, #190, in downtown Las Vegas. Transcribing Nevada is an invitational exhibition of Nevada artists and poets sharing selections from their sketchbooks and journals, offering a glimpse into how they explore a place, describe an experience, or develop an idea. The journals, poetry, and artworks on display examine the artists’ process of study, observation, and musings that in turn become important documents of specific places – in Nevada and beyond.

Artists & Poets Reception: Thursday, September 1 / 6 – 9 pm, Nevada Humanities Program Gallery, 1017 S. First Street, #190, Las Vegas

A Story of Encounters

Exploring more than 150 years of interactions between members of Nevada’s native tribes and the non-native population

The story of encounters between the indigenous communities and non-native inhabitants of Nevada is complex and varied. Within decades of the first recorded meetings of Euro-American explorers and the native tribes of the Great Basin, Nevada became a U.S. territory and...

Bonanza Television Show

Bonanza, the long-running NBC television series, features Lake Tahoe and Virginia City settings. The series gives Nevada its strongest tie with westerns since it has been watched by millions for more than five decades in its original telecasts and in syndication. The series began in 1959 and continued for 14 seasons covering 430 episodes. These then went into syndication on specialty...