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Nevada Humanities provides opportunities for Nevadans to explore, experience, engage, and understand the world around them. We create programs and support projects that define the Nevada experience, feature local culture and heritage, and facilitate the investigation of ideas that matter to Nevadans and their communities.

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Nevada Means Home
Written by: Nevada Humanities

At Nevada Humanities, we create and make possible programs that feature the history and vibrant cultures and traditions that make Nevada the place we love.

Please consider what the humanities mean to you and help us to sustain our essential programs by making a gift to our Annual Fund. Your support will truly help us serve every corner of this great state.

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August Salon
Written by: Nevada Humanities

"It's Not an Office -- It's a Collective: Exploring the Future of Work and Art"

Join us as we discuss why people choose to work independently in collective spaces. What is gained from being around other people who aren't necessarily part of the same work team? What kind of inspiration is derived from this? How does this space represent the future of work and art?

Nevada Humanities Program Gallery
Written by: Nevada Humanities

Nevada Humanities Program Gallery hosts the exhibit “WAVES: 1998 - Continuing” a contemporary drawing series by Carson City, NV, artist Galen Brown.

The exhibit is an ongoing exploration of “works that explore surface, a feeling of density or quietness, and objects that carry or may trigger ones memories.” “WAVES” is a response to Brown’s experiences growing up and living in the Lake...